Sunday, May 14, 2017

Touring Firenze

On Saturday we moved in to our villa on Via degli Alfani, 34. From the street you only see a door, but once you meander through some halls you walk into a 5 bedroom villa. 3 bedrooms on the main house and two in the annex at the other end of the private garden (pictured above.) Peter and I chose the annex and the kids are in the main house.
We are only blocks away from all the main attractions.
Saturday night after we settled in we had a chef prepare us dinner at the villa. Paté, rack of lamb, a tart, lots of wine.

Sunday was a walking tour of Florence.  We started at the Uffizi which was PACKED. Saw lots of Renaissance art including Lippi's Madonna.
And Medusa by Caravaggio. Fun fact: it is a self portrait.
As the story goes, he spent time watching decapitations so he could capture the moment the subject is aware they have been separated from their bodies.
After lunch we walked to Santa Maria Novella.  The facade is beautiful.
This recently restored crucifix dominates the interior.  It was painted by Giotto in the 1300's.
The side altars annd the main are all about 20 feet above the church floor. The Arno floods about once every 100 years and covers the main floor of the church.
Finally we made our way to "il Duomo". Silvia our guide spent lots of time describing its architecture and construction. Started in 1295 it took nearly 200 years to complete.
It is still counted among one of the largest churches in the world.

Dinner was at La Giostra. Set in a old storage room it is very romantic with a lively staff. We ate wonderful antipasti, primi piatti, and main courses of beef and veal. Of course every meal is finished with lemoncello!
Tomorrow we are off to Siena and the Chiantigianni!!

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